Review of a colourful year

In line with the tradition of the past three decades, this year's end-of-year party of Buchen's town band in the "Prinz Carl" hotel was also held.

In his welcoming address, Chairman Christian Schulze thanked a large number of active members and their partners for their year-round commitment. By name, he welcomed the musical director Alexander Monsch and the chairman of the support association, district administrator Dr. Achim Brötel.

The latter was thanked for the great support that the town band received from the support association throughout the year. A greeting was also extended to Johanna and Benedikt Vering, who had come all the way from the Münsterland to the Odenwald.

Reminded of highlights

After the joint dinner Schulze took the opportunity to thank the functionaries of the association and the conductors of the town and youth band, Alexander Monsch and Lisa Helmle, with small presents.

With the internal word of the year "Görlitz and Miltenberg", Schulze recalled in a brief review of the musical highlights of last summer, for which the band had prepared with great intensity.

Conductor Alexander Monsch also thanked the musicians and concluded with the remark: "We all. That is important!".

Afterwards, a small tribute was paid to the eagerly awaited best list of those musicians who were present particularly frequently at rehearsals and performances. This year Heinrich Wirch, Klemens Weber, Antje Haag, Michael Lauer and Marcus Wörner were delighted to receive the award.

Klemens Weber, as second chairman, had the privilege of thanking Christian Schulze on behalf of the chapel for his tireless work as chairman, a thanks that was acknowledged with much applause from those present.

Pre-Christmas songs

Afterwards the community sang pre-Christmas and Advent songs, skilfully accompanied on the piano by Michael Henn, before Santa Claus (Lukas Schäfer) suddenly came to visit.

This year again, he was well informed about the band's internal affairs, was not stingy with praise and here and there gave advice to individual musicians, stops or even the conductor.

Finally, the multimedia show by Anatoly Brishatjuk, who used pictures and video sequences to commemorate many events not only of the past year, illustrated how colourful and varied the year 2019 was.

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