Buchen's town band celebrates its 125th anniversary.



Lisa Kohlmann (Helmle) becomes the new leader of the youth band.



Traditional stall guard party at the representation of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Berlin. Buchen's town band has been officially selected to provide a musical welcome to the visitors. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and many others are among the guests.


The youth band has existed for 40 years. This is celebrated in the context of the pre-summer festival. All members from the last 40 years are invited.



The town band founds an ABC band for the youngest, in which children between the ages of 9 and 13 can play music together.


Christian Schulze is voted new 1st chairman of the town band at the general assembly.



Robert Dreksler takes over the leadership of the youth band from Stanislav Klimov.


The concert tour to Hungary in the county of Vas, with which the Neckar-Odenwald district has been connected since 1997 within the framework of a very lively district partnership, will remain in the best memory of all participants.



First spring concert in the new city hall. Not only the concert hall is new, but also the concert seating for the listeners.



The new town hall is officially inaugurated and is used for memorial photos of the youth and town band.


The town band moves into its new practice location in the former Zehntscheune in the museum courtyard and presents its new practice locations to the public in a public demonstration.


As part of the pre-summer festival 2011 Stanislav Klimov will take over the direction of the youth band of Anatoli Brishatjuk.



Because there are no rooms available in the interim period until the new town hall is built, the town band invites to a big summer serenade in the museum courtyard on the birthday of its conductor.



Since 2008, the town band has had its own support association under the chairmanship of Dr. Achim Brötel and Volker Henn. The aim of the association is to support musical education and further training, as well as the purchasing of instruments for youth training. The first cheque can be handed over at the traditional Christmas party on 20 December 2008 in the Hotel "Prinz Carl".



The pre-summer festival offers again and again also the outer frame for group pictures in front of the Old Town Hall.



Anatoli Brishatjuk succeeds Andreas Pflüger as new conductor of the youth band.


Alexander Monsch is officially appointed new conductor of Buchen's town band during the spring concert.



The youth band deepens the friendly relations with the Societat Musical La Unió Filharmònica d'Amposta from Spain.


A new board of executives is voted in during the general assembly. Michael Schmelcher becomes new 1st chairman.



Outward ride of the town band on carnival with the FG "Narhalla". On this trip they will go to Winterthur in Switzerland.



During the Christmas party Franz Spreitzer is officially bid farewell from the town band after decades as an active musician.


After many years as conductor of the Jugendkapelle, Kurt Heller passes the leadership on to Andreas Pflüger.



Return visit to the town band in Amposta (Spain). There the "Fiestas Mayores" take place as highlight. The town band takes an active part in the festivities.



Highlight of the year is the visit of the Societat Musical La Unió Filharmònica d'Amposta from Spain.



At the spring concert the long-time conductor Franz Spreitzer hands over his position to Kurt Heller. At the same time Franz Spreitzer is appointed honorary conductor.


Christoph Kieser succeeds Kurt Heller as the new chairman of Buchen's town band.



Carnival trip with the FG "Narhalla" to Nantes (France)


The town band celebrates its 100th anniversary with a whole series of events throughout the year. As a special birthday present from the town, Mayor Josef Frank provides the chapel with new rehearsal rooms in the basement of the rebuilt fire station in April. In this way, modern practice and residence possibilities are once again available, which in particular also take into account the constantly increasing number of members.



"Kerl wach uff on palm beach." The town band flies with 100 Huddelbätzen and 35 musicians from Stuttgart and Frankfurt to Tenerife and performs at the famous carnival in Tenerife. They will be accompanied by a recording team of the South German Radio.



Musical accompaniment to the Bundesliga football match between VfB Stuttgart and Hamburger SV in Stuttgart's Neckar Stadium at the invitation of VfB.


Carnival trip of the FG "Narrhalla" and the town band to Yssingeaux (France).



For the first time an advent tower brass music event takes place. This later developed into the brass quintet of Buchen's town band with Martin Schönit, Klemens Weber (both trumpets), Harold Bauer (horn), Christof Kieser (trombone) and Gerhard Bundschuh (tuba), which made an outstanding name for itself as a separate ensemble.


The first spring concert takes place in the Frankenlandhalle. Since then, the Saturday before Palm Sunday has become a fixed part of the year for the musicians.


In the process of the integration of the first youth band into the town band, a new board of directors is voted in. Kurt Heller becomes the 1st chairman, 2nd chairman Erich Moldaschl, secretary Harold Bauer and cashier Josef Pflüger. Ferdinand Kern, Siegfried Jakel and Gerhard Bundschuh are elected to the organisation committee.



The Huddelbätze and the town band are once again on a great journey, this time in Nancy (France).


Under the direction of Kurt Heller the first own youth band is created. More than 30 children and young people respond to a call for young musicians to be trained. Together with Franz Spreitzer, Kurt Heller performs exemplary youth work.


The first pre-summer festival takes place in the museum courtyard on 31 May. Josef Pflüger had approached the board of directors with the idea of preparing the area, which had previously been used as a storage area for the city building yard, after the clearing of the site. To this day, the unique ambience of the former grounds the outer frame for Buchen's popular open air.


The "Klösterle" in the Obergasse becomes the new practice location.


28. February

The South German Broadcasting Corporation (Süddeutscher Rundfunk) reports live from the district of Buchen on VHF II from 17:40 to 18:30. For this purpose the conference room of the district administration office will be converted into a studio.



At the 4th main conference of the German Carnival Association in Stuttgart, the band performs for the first time closed in the Huddelbätz and is frenetically celebrated together with the entire group from Buchen. Since then the carnival in Buchen has been on everyone's lips.

12. Januar

The local council entrusts Franz Spreitzer junior (1932 - 2007) with the direction of the town band. This proves to be a special stroke of luck for the musicians, but also for the band as a whole. In the following years and decades, Franz Spreitzer shaped the town band in his unique way in a very successful way.


The town band gets a new uniform. The group picture is taken at the "Kleiner Roth".


Franz Wittemann is the first Huddelbätz to play with the town band on carnival.


29. July

Music teacher Alfons Roos (1910 - 1976), a graduate of the Würzburg Conservatory and certified conductor, submits an application for the "new formation of the town band". This marks the beginning of a new era in the history of the band.


15. January

The temporary end of the town band. It is disbanded and transformed into a "NSDAP District Music Band" under the direction of Herbert Tschamber. However, only some of the musicians are transferred. Many are called up to the German army instead or leave the music for other reasons.


The shoemaker Willi Pfeiffer (1896 - 1963), the former deputy of Karl Tschamber, takes over the management of the band. The town band has 21 active members.


New foundation of the town band by conductor Georg Bühl (1895 - 1963), who had previously conducted the MGV "Liederkranz" for several years.


The so-called " takeover of power" by Adolf Hitler does not remain without consequences for the town band either. Conductor Karl Tschamber leaves it to the musicians "due to the high degree of political tension" to participate or not in the framing of NSDAP events.


Karl Tschamber composes the Buchen jester's march "Kerl wach uff". The text was written by the Jewish businessman Jacob Mayer.


Many public performances at church and secular ceremonies, including a banquet on the occasion of the presentation of honorary citizenship to State Councillor, Member of Parliament and President Joseph Wittemann. The picture shows the band at the morning ("Frühschoppen") concert on Tuesday at the Shooters' Market.

17. May

First promenade concert on the square in front of the old town hall. 15 musicians perform a total of six songs.


21. July

Contract between Karl Tschamber and the town about the re-foundation of a town band. The band is to consist of 15 to 20 men, to whom the instruments will be lent by the town. The hall of the old town hall will be used for practice.


The beginning of the 1st World War also silences the Buchen town band. The trumpeter Julius Aicher is said to have played the trumpet for the mobilisation for the war, according to reports from contemporary witnesses.


The 30 years old Karl Tschamber (1878 - 1958) takes over the conducting position.


The first Buchen town band presents itself for a memorial photo.


Restless times for the young band. August Vierling is transferred, Friedrich Köhler is temporarily alone responsible, but then gives up his post. The new musical director is tax collector Georg Keiler.


16. August

First public performance at the Rochus Procession

6. June

The official hour of birth of the Buchen town band. In the town council protocol there is an entry about the "foundation of a music society". In it, Mayor Kieser and the town council obligate the principal teacher Friedrich Köhler, the uncle of the later Reich Minister of Finance and President of Baden, Dr. Heinrich Köhler, and the music teacher August Vierling to lead the musicians. Both receive "an annual salary of 200 marks" from the city treasury.